Frequently Asked Questions

What analysis and content is included in a report?

You can choose one of two reports. 

  1. Global landscape report
  2. Full report including the global landscape section, organisation profiling and peer benchmarks and collaboration profiling

Reports consist of analytical sections below - items below are a sample of the content for each report. This list is not exhaustive and other analysis is included.  

Landscape of the impact of research 

  • The top 5 cities in the world
  • The top 10 research institutes
  • The top 10 funding organisations 
  • The top 20 research institutes receiving funding by grant amount
  • The top 3 SDG

Organisation profiling and peer benchmarks  

  • Your organisation’s profile
  • Comparisons of your research performance against five of  your selected peers
  • The top journals where researchers are publishing and the impact of their work
  • Breakdown of research by research fields – allowing you to identify gaps
  • Your top researchers

Understanding the collaboration landscape globally and for your institution 

  • Collaboration profiling (domestic, international and non-collaboration) and the associated impact 
  • The top 10 domestic and international collaborators

The report also includes an introduction, top takeaways, conclusions and recommendations and a methods section.

Why do I need to create an account to purchase a report?

You will need to create an account to use the online shop for Nature Strategy Reports. The account ensures that we are able to: 

  • provide confirmation of your order, 
  • we can contact you to establish the peers for benchmarking purpose 
  • we can deliver the report to you 

Further detail regarding user accounts can be found in the T&Cs.

How do I choose my peer benchmarks?

Upon receiving your order, one of our team will be in touch with you to determine who are the five peers you would like to benchmark against in the report. 

If you are unsure as to who those peers should be, we will take a consultative approach and provide some suggested benchmarks based on your feedback. 

Can I be invoiced for the report?

Yes at the checkout simply select “Invoice” as the payment option at the checkout. An invoice will be generated and sent to your email address. 

Is tax added to my order? 

Tax is already included in the pricing.

What do I do if I dont know my tax exemption number/certificate?

If you don't know your tax exemption number/certificate, please choose the invoice option.

Can I share the report?

You can share the report internally with colleagues within your institution/company. The report cannot be shared outside of your institution/company.

When will the report be delivered?

The global landscape report will be delivered within one week from the date of payment.

The full report will be delivered approximately one month from the date of payment. 

How will I receive my report?

A link to your report will be delivered to your institutional/company email.

In what format will the report be sent?

The report will be delivered as a Foleon document. A Foleon Document is an interactive, media-rich, web-based based tool that’s responsive across devices. A Foleon document is accessed via a web link and populates in a browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Key benefits of a Foleon document include the ability of a user to quickly access content within certain sections using click throughs rather than scrolling, view interactive tables and charts. A sample report can be found here.

All reports will be password protected upon delivery. A separate email will be sent after delivery of the report link with password access notification. 

A PDF version of the the Foleon document can be generated, If a PDF version is required please contact

Is the online payment system secure?

Yes, we are committed to making your online purchase secure and we take special steps to ensure that your credit card is secure.  

All transactions are secure and encrypted.

When will I pay for my Nature Strategy Report?

If you use the online payment method, payment will be on the day of purchase. Any request for invoicing will result in a 30 day payment period. All details for payment via an invoice will be included on the invoice details. 

Can I pay for Nature Strategy Reports in my currency?

Nature Strategy Reports are sold in one store with the option of one of three currencies - 

  • USD $
  • GBP £
  • Euro €
Can I talk to the analyst who wrote the report?

Yes, we can discuss your report by email

Who can I contact if I have any questions? 

For any question please contact and we will respond as soon as we can.